Changes to Brother's Keeper Windows before 1998

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   18-Dec-97  Fixed a problem when adding a new person.  If the new
              person has a name similar to an existing person, and
              if you press ALT+F2 to enter a foreign letter in the
              last name of the person after you have typed 5 letters
              of the last name, the program was jumping to the 
              Select Person screen by mistake.  This has been fixed.
   16-Dec-97  The gedcom import routine does a better job of reading
              sources from other programs.  Also, it does a better
              job of shortening names of people or places if they
              are over 40 characters long.  The long and short version
              of the names are in the GED.LST file.

              The gedcom import routine will write to the GED.LST 
              file, lines from the gedcom file that were not imported.
              (Either because you did not ask for that event to be
              imported, or because the gedcom file had multiple
              events of the same type, or because BK does not have
              a field for that event.)

              Fixed a problem with the Merge routine where sometimes
              it gave a STAT=4 error when it should not have given
              any error.

              Fixed a problem where sometimes you would get an
              error if you did a Preview of a report after creating
              a RTF file of that report.

   19-Nov-97  Added CTRL+ shortcut keys to Select Person screen.

              Added option to backup over a smaller text file.
              Before, it would not backup over a smaller text file
              when doing a backup, but now it asks yes or no.
              Fixed problem when you have accented letters in the
              name of a text file.  It still creates the file without
              the accents, but before this version, it could not
              find the existing file.

              Fixed problem with "subscript out of range" that
              happened on the Edit screen sometimes for those 
              people that had the options set to go to Find when
              first going to the Edit screen.

              If a person makes a gedcom file and forgets to type
              .ged at the end of the file name, it now automatically
              adds the .ged extention.
   14-Nov-97  Fixed problem when printing pictures on group sheets
              while printing odd or even pages only.  Also fixed
              problem with odd/even on certain laser printers.

              On group sheets, it will now print the "also know as"
              name for children also if printing All or Short data
              for children.
              Group sheets will show age of person even if not
              exact.  (for example ABT or CIR dates)

              Program will accept dates in the format 5 Dec 1997
              even if there is no 0 or space before the one digit day.
              (Previously, it wanted a 0 or space as the first character
              if the day was less than 10.)

              Increased the limit for the Ancestor Timeline to 400
              (it was 200 people.)

              Added option to the Ahnentafel List and Ahnentafel Book
              to include duplicate ancestors due to a cousin marriage.
              (Previously, it did not show the duplicates - now it is
              an option.)
   06-Nov-97  The BK program is basically the same as the 29-Oct-97
              version, except this one has a newer translation
              for the Danish and Norwegian languages.

              The Utility program has two new features.  It can
              left justify all REF fields.  (In case you used
              to have them right justified and now you want to
              change them.)

              And the Utility program has a routine to compare two
              databases that are almost the same.  It is currently
              designed to compare person 1 with person 1 in the
              other database, and 2 with 2 and so on.  This is 
              useful if you have a copy on your desktop and
              a copy on your laptop computer and you want to
              compare the two databases to see what changes
              were made on one computer.

              Also a slight change in the Utility program for the
              routine that changes capitalization.  It will
              capitalize the letter after a "dash"    
              Like:   Smith-Jones

              The Utility program is for experienced computer users and
              it is available from the BK BBS and from my web site at
              The program name is BKuSETUP.EXE
   29-Oct-97  Fixed a problem where the Descendant report was repeating
              duplicate cousins when there was a cousin marriage.  Also
              added option to let it repeat duplicates.

              Fixed problem where Tiny Tafel was only made if you pressed
              the button and was not made if you picked File, Create.

              If you do not want to see my grandfather's picture when
              the program starts, put a different picture in a file
              called MYPIC.BMP in the BK5 directory.  It must be a
              bitmap file and it must be small to fit properly.
              Note: that file does not normally exist.  If the file
              is not found, the built in picture of my grandfather
              is displayed.  So you need to create a file with that
              name and put it in C:\BK5 if you want a different picture.
              And it must be a bitmat format file.
   23-Oct-97  Added option to print a heading and the date and page
              numbers at the top of the Index.

              Added option to print odd or even pages or to skip
              to a certain page number for these reports:  Register,
              Indented, Ahnentafel, Descendant, Group sheets, Custom.

              Added option on Custom report to underline everything.
              (field 89)
   08-Oct-97  Fixed a problem on custom reports when making a comma
              delimited file with addresses.  Before the fix, if you
              picked field 96 and field 91 it would export blanks
              for people with no address.  Now it only makes a line
              for people that have addresses.

              Fixed a problem on custom reports where sometimes it
              would say "you can not preview laser labels" even
              when you did not have field 97 picked.

              This version also includes updates to the German and
              Norwegian language files.
   24-Sep-97  Refixed a problem where first picture on ancestor chart
              was not printing if you had no date printing.  This problem
              was fixed on 16-Sep-97 but the problem returned in the
              21-Sep-97 version.  
   21-Sep-97  Fixed problem where first picture did not print on the
              Picture Summary report.

              Added "default century" to the Options.  If you enter
              a date with no century, it will use the default century.
              You may still enter any date of any century if you
              type the 4 digit year and not a 2 digit year.

   16-Sep-97  Fixed problem when printing pictures on ancestor chart
              where first picture did not print if you were not printing
              the date or heading at the top.

              Fixed problem on Missing information report where the name
              of a person would print if the death date was ? even if
              you did not ask for people with no death date.

              Fixed problem on Count of descendants report where if
              you had over 22,000 people in your database, the number
              of spouses on that report would not be correct sometimes.

              Fixed problem of "illegal function call" if you had
              the option set to display matching names in birth date
              order and if you went to Edit and Added a new person
              that had the same name as someone else and you did not
              do any other type of search for a name prior to the add.

              Added to the Tree and Box charts the height of the chart
              when you pick Size.  (It used to just give the number of
              pages wide.)  
   05-Sep-97  Added option to print pictures on the descendant Box charts.

              Added option to print a 3 generation ancestor chart with

              Added new Picture Summary report.  It will print a small
              sample of all pictures attached to people, or all pictures
              in a certain directory.  Or you can display those pictures.
              This option works with the English version of BK now and
              will work with the foreign translations after the translators
              get the new lines converted.  If you are running a foreign
              language and you do not want to wait for the translation,
              then press F5 on the main screen and then pick Other and
              you will see Picture Summary.

              If most of your scanned pictures are not in the C:\BK5
              directory, then there is a way to tell BK where the 
              pictures are located.  Make a text file called PICDIR.BK 
              put only one line in the file such as:  C:\SCANNER 
              or whatever the name of the directory is that your scanner
              puts pictures into.  Then when you click the button to
              the left of a blank message line, it will look in that
              directory instead of C:\BK5.  Note:  This does NOT affect
              pictures you already have attached, it only helps you
              find new pictures when you are putting them into a blank
              message line.  Note: the PICDIR.BK text file goes in C:\BK5
              Fixed a problem where the margins were not being saved
              for the Box chart routine when you picked Save Options.
              The translation program has been updated to include
              lines for the new features described above.

   31-Jul-97  Added option on Indented report to include duplicate
              descendants of cousin marriages.

              Register report can print more people per generation
              now and the Register number can be over 32,000

              Added option in Options for the line spacing when 
              you print the current page from Group sheets.  The
              line spacing for Preview seems to vary for different
              printers.  So if there is always a 2 inch margin at
              the bottom of the Preview screen, you can now adjust
              the spacing in Options (on Field Names tab.)  Some
              printers need it set to 83% but others work better
              at 95%.  But if the percent is set too high, then
              when you do a Preview, some text may spill over onto
              a new page (with no page number.)  Note, this does
              not affect printing when you pick the Print button.
              It only affects Preview and "print current page" from

              Added option when making a Gedcom file to exclude
              the details for living people.  If you are putting
              information on the Web for example, you may want
              to not include the dates, locations, and messages
              for living people.

              The translation program has been updated to include
              lines for the new features described above.
   25-Jun-97  Fixed a problem with the German translation.
              (The BK Windows program is still dated 11-Jun-97)

   11-Jun-97  Fixed a problem with group sheets when printing message
              lines for children (unformatted) the indenting was not
              always correct.

              Fixed a problem with RTF output to Word Perfect 7.0 where
              the font size in WP would sometimes be 12 point and not
              the size you specified in BK

   06-Jun-97  Fixed a problem with the select person screen if the user
              had the option set for names in birth order.  It was not
              correctly highlighting the top name upon return to that screen.

              The Gedcom export and import will handle multiple sets of
              parents and will correctly designate parents as adoptive.

              Gedcom import will attempt to import sources that are
              cross referenced.  Some other genealogy programs used
              structured sources with Title, Author, Publisher and so
              on.  If the gedcom file contains a source like that,
              this version will attempt to put that source into the
              three lines available for each source in BK.  If the
              gedcom file contains a source longer than three lines
              then the entire source will not be able to fit into
              the BK source area.
              If you have the option set to display the date of last change
              for people, it will also show the date of change for the
              marriage.  The marriage change date may be blank for 
              marriages that were last changed during 1996 and in 1997
              before this June 6 version.

   02-Jun-97  Fixed a problem where uninstall was not working with May version
   28-May-97  Added option to print locations on the Descendant report.
              Note: you will need to use a 10 point font or smaller
              for the locations to fit.

              Added more warnings if a user picks a directory name
              with over 8 letters or a directory with a space in the name.

              Added option to use a different method for doing the
              alphabetical sort.  Instead of F7 at the main menu, go
              to File, Options, and on the Field Names tab there is
              a new line to pick a number for the type of sort.
              The number 2 seems to work for people that have trouble
              making the sort work.  (The sort is a DOS program and
              with certain video modes in Windows, the sort may lock
              up Windows unless the sort is in a full window.)
   21-May-97  Fixed subscript out of range error message if you picked
              descendants, then direct lineage, and the strarting
              person and the ending person were only 1 generation apart.
              This version of BK Windows is called 5.2F

   16-May-97  Fixed the Ancestor Box chart so if you pick a 10 point
              font when printing, it will fit on the page.  Also fixed
              a problem where the line from person one was missing for
              certain font sizes.

   06-May-97  Added new feature to Register report to print just
              the descendants of the male or female children.
              If you are doing a name study of Smith, then pick
              the male only choice to show only descendants with
              the Smith name.

              The Register report will show the parents of the
              starting person now.

              The RTF option for Word Perfect 7.0 will work better
              with the new WP 7.02 version.  (Every new version 
              of Word Perfect seems to be not compatible with 
              the version before as far as RTF is concerned.)

              The ALT+F2 foreign letter popup screen will show when
              doing a global change of locations or sources.

              Some people have reported problems doing an Alpha or
              Index sort.  Some people experience the computer 
              locking up when my program calls BKSORT.BAT to do
              the sort.  I have temporarily added some new choices
              to help solve the problem.  Press F7 at the main screen.
              It will give some other choices for doing the sort.
              If you do not press F7 it does a normal sort which
              calls the BKSORT.PIF file and runs BKSORT.BAT as
              a minimized window with focus.  The other choices
              let you experiment to see if the sort will work for
              you with other options.  If you are not having problems
              when making an alphabetical or index report, you do not
              need to try the other choices.  On my computer, the
              sort works for any of the methods, but if the normal
              sort does not work for you, but one of the other choices
              does work, let me know.  The F7 choices are temporary
              and last until you stop the program or press F7 to change
              the choice.  Note: some people that have problems sorting
              are using SoftRam and only have 4 megs of real RAM.
   01-May-97  Fixed problem with Ancestor Box chart if you asked
              for BK code numbers.

              Fixed problem with Ancestor Box chart if the foreign
              abbreviation for "buried" was over 4 letters long.

              Fixed problem on Register report, Preview if you
              asked for page numbers at the bottom of the page and 
              the top margin was more than 0

              Fixed problem if you did a Word search report in
              Alphabetical order, and then did a regular alphabetical
              custom report.

              Added two new lines to the workfile for the foreign
              translators.  Line 2396 is "mother died before child born"
              and line 2601 is "please enter your name and address".

   14-Apr-97  Fixed problem with Relationships, "Print box chart"
              that cause printer to be "busy" after printing it once.

              Fixed problem with Date Conversion routine.  If a 
              date had the month with more than 3 letters, it would
              sometimes remove the 4th letter.  So 15 June 1997
              would convert to 15 Jun 199 sometimes.  Now it will 
              ignore (not change) the date if it has more than 3
              letters for the month.  Having 4 letters for the month
              is not a format that BK will recognize as valid.

              Added "Print current page" to the workfile for foreign
              translators as line 1674.  If a translator has the
              April 7 version of the translation program, he/she does
              not need the new workfile.  Just use line 1674 for the
              "Print current page" menu item.

   07-Apr-97  Added the Ancestor Box Chart.  (9 generations of ancestors.)

              This version can read new language file created by the
              new version of WRDSETUP.  So it can include the new 
              translation lines for the 7 new reports.  See Bulletin #3
              on the BK BBS for more details.  The new reports that
              were added in March 1997 will show if you are running
              the English version, or if the foreign translation
              has been updated to include the new lines, or if you
              press F5 at the main screen.

              Added ability of Gedcom import to read gedcom files from
              Family Tree Maker even if in version 5.0 gedcom.

              This version includes the Swedish translation also.

   21-Mar-97  Added new feature to print current page when at the
              Preview screen.  (for registered users only)

              Fixed a problem where the Backup routine would say a
              picture file was not found if it had *GROUP* on that line.

              Fixed overflow error on Graphic Bar Charts if over 32,000
              names in your database.

              Fixed alignment problem on Graphic Bar Charts if you
              are using video mode 800 by 600 or higher with large fonts.

              Fixed problem when pressing ALT+F2 for the second or
              third source line.

              Fixed problem where F1 on Backup screen did not show 
              correct help screen.

              Fixed problem on Ancestor chart where marriage date of
              first person did not show if person was female.

              Fixed problem on Ahnentafel book where spouse of first
              person did not show if person was female.

              Added List of Surnames (under Lists.)

              Added ability on the Compute Relationships screen to
              print a box chart (like Direct Lineage box chart in
              the DOS version.)  This version can also show the
              box chart if the two related people are not in the
              same direct line.  It uses some settings from the
              Box chart screen, such as name length, and whether 
              to print locations or not.

   12-Mar-97  Lots of changes in this version.  This version will 
              be on the BBS for a week or two, and then it will be on
              the web site after I receive a little feedback on the 
              new reports.

              Fixed problem with spouse name going outside the box
              in the Box charts with locations.

              Fixed problem on Group sheets where it did not print
              the personal message if you turned off the option to
              form feed after each page.

              Fixed problem on Ancestor chart where marriage date and
              place did not show for person number 1 if female.

              NEW FEATURES:

              In Option area you can set option to change the printer
              to Landscape or Portrait for most reports automatically
              and change back after the report automatically.  When 
              you turn on this option, then the Save Options button
              on the reports will save the printer format you have set.
              So you can set the Box Charts to Landscape and pick
              Save Options and then it will always set to Landscape
              for the Box Charts and change back to normal when
              you leave that screen.

              In Option area there is a new option to not have the
              "cancel print" button try to clear the print job in Windows.
              A few people got a GPF when they cancel printing.  With
              this option set, when you cancel will stop sending new 
              information to the printer, but it is up to the user to go 
              to Print Manager to delete the print job.

              Added Save Options button to some reports such as
              the Calendar, and Reasonableness report.

              Added the ability to include the REF: field on the Tree
              charts, Box charts, and Collapsed ancestor charts.
              In Option area you can set an option to have the Select
              Person screen show similar names in birth year order
              instead of BK code number order.  So if you type the
              name John Smith it will show all John Smith names in
              birth year order.  People with no birth year will 
              appear first.  

              NEW REPORTS (In English only currently)
              since the following reports are English only, they will
              not show on the main screen menu unless the English language
              is the current language.  However, if users of a foreign
              language want to test these reports, then press F5 when
              the main screen is showing, and the new menu items will
              appear on the pull down menus.

              Notice to translators:  Give me a couple weeks to get
              the new lines added to the workfile and then there will
              be a new WRDSETUP file to download - in a couple weeks.

              Direct Lineage report available from the Descendant report
              screen.  (Pick Descendant from the main menu, then Descendant
              report, then click the option for direct lineage.)

              3 by 5 cards available from the Lists (custom) screen.
              Include field 93 as the first and only field to print.

              Missing Information report available under Lists

              Locations with Events available under Lists

              Count of Descendants available under Descendants

              Graphs (bar charts) available under Other

              Tiny Tafel available under Other

   11-Feb-97  Fixed a bug when making an Ahnentafel List, with relationships,
              and picking Create TXT file, it would output nothing to the
              TXT file and you needed to close the program.  Now it
              correctly creates the TXT file and removes the "please wait".

              This version includes the German language files.  The 
              version you can download does not include the German
              manual, but the version shipping on diskette includes
              the German manual file also.

   24-Jan-97  The install program includes a new version of Dutch.
              Fixed a problem with the Calendar chart where sometimes
              names overlapped in the overflow section at the bottom.

              Added a new feature in the Word search.  In a date field
              you can type a date range.  Type two years with == between
              them.  (Two equal signs.)  For example, in the birth
              date field type 1920==1929 and it will find everyone born
              from 1920 through 1929.   Another example, to find everyone
              that was alive in 1880 put 1700==1880 in the birth date
              field and put 1880==2000 in the death date field.

              New feature on the Word search when creating a report.
              It used to only print the matching people in BK code number
              order.  But now there is an option to print the matching
              names in alphabetical order.  In custom reports, pick the
              tab in the middle to change to alphabetical.

   07-Jan-97  The Install program has directions in English, French,
              German, and Norwegian.  You can install BK for English,
              French, Danish, Norwegian, and Dutch.  (Not German yet.)
   31-Dec-96  The installation program will let you install English,
              French, and Danish versions.

              Fixed problem where Custom Ahnentafel report would sometimes
              have the wrong word for "Page".

              On the 4 Family Box chart, if you shorten names to less
              than 40 characters, it will also shorten the location
              names to less than 40 characters.

              This version allows the Sex field to be "V" for females.
              Dutch users used V and not F for the DOS version and
              this version will accept V or F or K for female.  It will
              only accept what is in the language file when entering new
              people, but if you change languages to print a report,
              it will work with the other letters.

              Some users are not getting a match for names or locations
              if they type in an accented letter.  I have found that
              the headers of the BK data files are slightly different
              depending on if the data files were first created with
              the DOS or Windows version of BK.  To solve this problem,
              you can pick File, Convert data files from DOS to Windows
              and then press F5 and then pick Change headers only.
              Be sure you have a backup of your data files before 
              you try this.  I do not currently have a way to change
              the headers back to the DOS header, so if you do this
              you may have problems searching for names using the DOS
              version of BK5.

   23-Dec-96  Added option for Word Perfect 7.0 when making RTF files.
              (Every version of Word Perfect seems to be incompatible
              with other versions of Word Perfect when reading RTF files.)

              Added option to include alternate name when printing
              register, indented, or ahnentafel book.

              Added option to show locations on Box chart.  (But not
              on 4 family box chart yet.)

              Fixed several places where English was showing up in
              the foreign language versions.  Such as "Spouse" on the
              ancestor chart and "see children above" on box charts.
              Fixed "subscript out of range" error if printing Ahnentafel
              report with over 25 generations.

   10-Dec-96  Fixed problem with backup of text files.  If the message
              line had $$ABCD.TXT it was calling the file CD.TXT on
              the A: diskette.  If the message line had C:\BK5\ABCD.TXT
              then it was correctly called ABCD.TXT on the backup.

              Fixed problem on group sheets where sometimes the footnote
              number for a divorce for a child was overwriting some words.

              Fixed problem on group sheet where it was doing a form
              feed for every family when doing the descendants of a 
              person and the option was set to not form feed.

              Modified the Unconnected person report to not show a 
              person as unconnected if the first 2 spouses were
              blank, but the person did have a spouse in the 3rd
              or following position.

              Fixed problem on Multi-page Ancestor charts were it
              would not print the BK Code number when you asked for it.
              Also fixed problem where the wrong language line was
              printing instead of the word "page".
   02-Dec-96  Fix overflow error if printing List of unconnected people
              and your database has over 32,000 people in it.

              Fixed line width on page 2 of box charts if you have set
              the option to have each page be a new print job.

              Fix problem when you double click on a person on the
              display List if the person has a BK number over 10,000.

              Fixed problem where the multi-disk Backup always went to
              drive A:

              On foreign translations, replaced "Page" with the
              non-English word.  Replaced b. m. d. with the non-English
              abbreviations on Descendant report.  Added "Calendar" on
              the File menu on Custom reports screen to translation workfile.
              Replaced "father" and "mother" with correct words if you
              are sending Group sheet to a text file.

              Put in a warning message if a person has saved a text file
              in Word or Word Perfect format by mistake.

   22-Nov-96  Added new feature for people that need an unusual font
              such as Hebrew or Greek or another "non-standard" Windows
              font.  They can go to Options, Edit screen and change the
              screen font.  Do not do this unless you can not enter
              the letters you want the normal way (Alt+F2)

              Added new lines to the foreign translation program.
              This version will read the new lines for 4 family box chart
              and the Calendar.

   18-Nov-96  Fixed a problem on the Convert Dates screen.  The October
              version shifted the lines down so it did not match your
              existing dates correctly.  This version fixes that.

              Fixed a problem where if you had the option set to show
              Baptized dates on the Register report, it sometimes did
              not work unless you clicked the option off and back on.

              This version allows longer names in the Index when printing
              an index after a book report.

              Fixed a problem where Foster and Other were switched on
              the screen that shows type of parent.

              This version allows sex for female to be F or K.  Some
              languages, such as Norwegian, use K for female.  Instead
              of having to change the database when switching languages,
              this version will accept either F or K in the existing 
              data file.

              Fixed a problem for foreign languages that did not use
              CIR ABT BEF AFT as the abreviations for Circa, About, Before

   12-Nov-96  Fixed a problem that was causing duplicate sources if the
              source had an accented letter in the first 40 characters.
              This version fixes that problem.  Also, if you already have
              duplicate sources, then pick File, Sources, Change globally,
              and then press the F5 key and pick Merge duplicate sources.

              This version can print the location list in 2 columns.

              With this version, if you are displaying a list of names
              with List, Numeric display, or Alphabetical display or
              the others, you can double click on a name to jump to Edit.

              Fixed a problem where the picture would not print from the
              Edit Person screen if you had no heading for the picture.

   07-Nov-96  Fixed a problem with Relationship report.  In previous 
              versions, if you ran the Box chart or Tree chart and 
              then ran the Relationship report, it said 'not related'
              for everyone.

              Fixed a problem on the 4 Family Box Chart where it would
              sometimes give STAT=4 errors if the parents or grandparents
              had more than one marriage.
   05-Nov-96  Fixed a problem where some people got a STAT=4 error message
              when adding the first child to a couple.  This was related
              to the new feature that shows 'previous child was' when
              adding more children to an existing family.

              Fixed a problem with margins on Tree and Box charts.  In
              previous versions, if you typed in a margin and did not 
              use the up and down arrows, the new margin did not always
              work for the Tree and Box charts.

              Added margins to Calendar report.  To make a half page
              calendar, set the bottom margin to 5.5 inches when in
              Portrait mode.  (see calendar described below 4-Nov.)

   04-Nov-96  Fixed a problem in the October version where an unregistered
              user would get a 'subscript out of range' error if they 
              tried to use a feature that was for registered users only.

              Fixed a problem in the October version where if a person
              had a Jr or Sr after the name, it was treating that as the
              last name.  Use the current version and pick Quality check 
              to fix the alpha index.

              Fixed a problem with the Change Language routine.  It was
              not changing to the new language if the name of the language
              file was 8 letters long.

              Added a new calendar report.  Pick Lists, Birthday and
              then Preview the group you want and then pick File, Calendar.

   31-Oct-96  Fixed a problem where sometimes the unconnected person display
              would say a person was unconnected if he/she had children but
              no spouse.

              Added option in gedcom to export with DOS character set or
              Ansel character set instead of just Windows chararacters.
              This is useful if you have accented letters in your names
              and are sending the gedcom to someone using DOS.
   30-Oct-96  Added new report '4 family box chart.'  See Descendant on menu.
              For this report, pick a starting person, such as yourself,
              and it will find your 8 great grand parents and show all
              of their descendants.

              Increased size of regular box chart to 1200 boxes wide and
              18 generations.

              Increased size of collapsed ancestor chart to 2500 names.

              Added option to show BK code number on relationship report.

              Modified the Tree report so that if you are printing on
              continuous paper in Portrait mode, it will print one
              long continuous strip for the left side of the report
              all the way to the bottom before starting the right
              side of the report.
              Fixed 'overflow' error in Word search if you have over
              32,000 names and the first matching name was after 32,000

              Fixed error in Unconnected people report if you have
              over 32,000 names.

              Fixed problem in Ref order custom report.  It was only
              showing the first name if you asked for field 3.

              Fixed problem where the total number of people was not
              increasing on the main screen if you picked Close on the
              Family Edit screen.  It was only updating the main screen
              if you picked File, Close all.

   24-Oct-96  Fixed a problem where you would get subscript out of range
              error doing a multi-disk compressed backup.

              Added new report under Lists for unconnected people.

              Added new report under Other for reasonableness check.
              (Help context for translators is 4571)

              Updated WRDSETUP.EXE for new lines for reasonableness check.

   18-Oct-96  The program is now contained in two parts.  BKSETUP.EXE
              and BKSETUP.W02   Download both parts.  It is in two
              parts because the file is over 1.44 megs now.

              The WRDSETUP.EXE file is also available for those that 
              want to translate the words into another language.  You
              only need this program if you want to create your own
              translation.  In other words, you want to translate
              words line by line.  (modified WRDSETUP.EXE on 10-21-96
              so that it can convert some of the lines from the old
              DOS version of WORKFILE.BK5.)   There is a separate
              bulletin number 3 for translators to read.

              Added the option to change languages.  It will still be
              English only until you make your own translation or you
              get another language file in the future.

              Added the option to compute the relationship between two
              people.  Pick Other from the main menu.

              On the Family Edit screen, when you show all children, it
              will show the Baptized date for the child if the birth
              date is blank.

              Added a Restore function to restore backups.

              Added a way to backup text files and picture files

              Added option for margins on the Box chart

              On the Ancestor display, if you click on an ancestor
              and then want to come back down to the original person,
              look in the Children box and one person will have an *
              before the name.  That is the child that links back to
              your starting person.

              Fixed a problem where if you changed the sex of a single
              person, and then went to add a spouse to that person 
              it was not working right.
              Since there were thousands of changes made in order to
              make this version run in foreign languages, this version
              might have the wrong word or words in a few places.  If
              so, notify John Steed by email.  (Fixed English.bkw on
              10-21-96 for the How to Register screen.)

   16-Sep-96  The 20-Aug-96 version had a problem if you pressed ALT+F2
              on the Edit Person screen.  It would display both the 
              foreign character set and the date calculator (F2).  This
              version fixes that problem.

              Also fixes a problem for people that put ] in the Ref: field
              on the Register reports so that you can print the Ref: number
              after the person's name with [ ] around the number.
   20-Aug-96  Added an option to try to solve a problem with certain
              Windows printer drivers.  If you get strange results on
              page 2 of a report (such as highlighted letters at the top
              or such as missing text or missing lines) then pick File,
              Options, Other tab, and check the bottom option line which
              says 'check this box if the second page of reports do not
              print correctly.'  Then pick File, Save.  That option will
              cause BK to make every page a separate print job.

              Added option to compute date of birth based on date of death
              and age.  Press F2 on the main 'welcome' screen or press F2
              on the Edit Person screen.

              Added option to print pictures of children on group sheets.

              Added option to create separate RTF files for each generation
              of a book report (Register or Ahnentafel.)  This may be 
              useful for very long books that will not fit into your 
              word processor as one file.


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