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   Note: this page is about BK 5.2 and it NOT about BK 6.0

   If you already have BK for Windows, pick Help, About BK to see the
   date of your program.

   Even if you already have a previous version, you should get the entire
   BKSETUP.EXE program if you want the current version.  
   Either download the large BKSETUP.EXE file and run it from your
   hard drive, or else get the program in two parts if you need to
   move it to a different computer.  The first part is BKSETUP.EXE.  The
   second part is called BKSETUP.W02.  Put both files in one place and
   then run BKSETUP to install.  Or put each file on a separate diskette.
   The reason the file is in two parts is so that you can put each part
   onto a 1.44 meg diskette for installation.  You need BOTH parts (or
   the large one piece file) even if you have a previous version.
   After you download BKSETUP.EXE (and BKSETUP.W02 if 2 parts) then use
   Windows Program Manager and pick File, Run, then BKSETUP.EXE   
   Or if you have Win 95/98 then pick Start, Run, BKSETUP.EXE
   If you have downloaded BKSETUP into a certain directory on your hard 
   drive, then after you pick Run you would type that directory name
   before BKSETUP for example C:\AOL30\DOWNLOAD\BKSETUP.EXE
   If BKSETUP is on a diskette, then type A:BKSETUP.EXE after you pick Run.

   If you have a Canon BJC printer or the new HP LaserJet 1100 and you get
   GPF errors when running BK, then in BK pick File, Options, Other, and set
   the option for BJC printers and then save options.

   13-Dec-00  Changed price to $45

   07-Sep-00  Fixed a problem if you first make an RTF file with one of
              the book reports, then go to Descendant Report and make
              a TXT file that includes names of parents of spouse.

              Working on fixing an error "illegal function call" when
              using Windows 2000 and you click on a person on the Ancestor
              chart on the screen.  This 07-Sep-00 version does not fix
              that problem, but it gives a new "location number" for the
              error which should help in fixing it.  If you get the
              error when using Windows 2000 please tell John the location
              number (it should be a number between 1 and 70)

   12-Jun-00  Fixed a problem if you delete a man or woman on the Edit
              Family screen and that man or woman was married (linked
              to a spouse.)  The problem first started with the 22 March
              version of BK.  So if you have a BK version from 22 March 
              until 2 June then you should download the 12 June version
              to fix the problem.  (Pick Help, About BK5 to see the date
              of your program.) If you had the problem, then when you
              deleted a married person, it would sometimes jump to the
              Edit Person screen and show the spouse with a sex of ?

              Fixed a problem in the "delete unused sources" routine
              that only occurred if you have over 32,000 sources.

   02-Jun-00  Fixed a problem which only affects databases with over
              400,000 people.  (Such as the CD from the California
              Mennonite Historical Society.)

   26-Apr-00  Fixed a problem with the BKEVENTS in the Timeline if
              you have added several more events to the file.  Sometimes
              two events would overlap.

              Fixed a problem on the Descendant Report. If you were
              printing locations also, then it would not print a location
              if there were no date in the date field.

              Changed back the Ancestor chart so if you click the X
              to close Ancestor chart it will return to Edit if Edit
              was open also.

   03-Apr-00  Fixed two small problems with the 22-Mar-00 version.
              The first time you viewed a picture for a person from
              the Edit Family screen, it would return to the Edit
              Person screen instead.  The first time you went to the
              Edit Person screen and viewed a source, it would jump
              to the Marriage screen when you closed the Edit Person
              screen.  These problems are fixed in the 03-Apr-00 version.

   22-Mar-00  Some people were having trouble when jumping from BK
              to another program and then back to BK.  I have made
              some changes so that if you were on the Edit Person
              screen when you jumped out, it will now return to the
              Edit Person screen when you jump back and not come
              back to the Family Edit screen.

              Made a change when printing Group sheets for all the
              Ancestors of a person.  It was sometimes skipping a
              single parent ancestor.

              Made change to Restore backup.  When it shows the files
              to be restored, you can press F8 if you only want to
              restore the text and picture files but not the data files.
   01-Mar-00  Added option for larger pictures for children on Group
              sheet.  Previously children pictures were 1.2 inches tall.
              Option for 1.6 inches tall (same as husband and wife.)

              Fixed a problem when restoring from multi-disk backup.
              It will now ask if you also want to restore the text
              or picture files.

              Fixed problem on Register Book report when the register
              number was over 32,000.

              Fixed problem with "delete unused locations" if there
              were over 32,000 locations.

   19-Jan-00  Fixed a problem in the Restore function that affected
              restoring from multiple compressed diskettes.

              Added a shortcut key F7 to use on the Edit Family screen
              if you do not want to click the Add Child button.

   02-Nov-99  A few people using the German version had errors with the
              12-Oct-99 version if they did not have the MS LineDraw font
              on their system and were making a Tree or Descendant report.

              Also fixed an "overflow" error if you were creating an RTF
              file on the Custom list screen and you were including field
              number 31.

   12-Oct-99  Fixed a problem when printing the parents of the spouse
              on the Descendant Report.  It was wrongly showing parents
              of a 'not entered' spouse in the 05-Oct version.

   05-Oct-99  Added an option to exclude the details about living people
              on the Descendant Report.  Also added the option to show
              the parents of the spouse on that report.

              Made a change to the Gedcom import routine to better handle
              gedcom files that use the same id number for a person and
              a marriage.

   28-Sep-99  Fixed a problem in Gedcom export where in recent versions
              it was always using the Windows character set even if you
              requested the ansel character set.

   14-Sep-99  Added an option to exclude the details about living people
              from the following reports:  Register Book, Indented Book, 
              Ahnentafel Book
              Note to language translators, workfile line 403 is where
              it looks for the "(details excluded)" words to print after
              a person's name, and workfile line 781 is where it looks for
              the line "exclude data for living people under the age of:"

              Modified the program so it is ok for a name to start with 
              a number.  For example, if you type a name like
              "3rd Wife" it will allow it.  It used to go to person
              number 3 in a case like that where the name started with a 
   03-Aug-99  Fixed a problem when printing page numbers at the bottom
              of the book reports which only happened if certain options
              were set for the printer.

              Fixed a problem with the right margin of the Preview
              of the Group sheets.

              Fixed an error that occurred when printing a relationship
              box chart over 18 generations.  Now it gives a message
              instead of the error.

              Added new sort routine for Icelandic version.

   16-May-99  Fixed a problem where the CTRL keys file was being
              created in a temporary directory instead of in
              the directory where it was in previous versions.

   10-May-99  Fixed a problem in the 06-May-99 version where the
              alphabetical sorts and birthday sorts were not correctly
              updating the sorted files.

   06-May-99  Added option on gedcom export to pick the age when
              excluding details for living people.  For example, you 
              can make a gedcom file to exclude living people under 90.
              Then if the age computes to 95 because there is no
              death date entered for a person, that person would
              be in the gedcom file.  But details for people under
              the age of 90 would not be in the gedcom file.  

              Fixed a problem in the gedcom import routine when
              reading Ansel characters.  (The problem happened
              if a name was over 40 characters long.)

              In the Split database routine you can press F8
              to select individuals only.  You can now press
              F8 again to select families again. (Prior to this
              if you pressed F8 it would not change back to
              families again.)  If you select individuals only
              it will not select marriages or spouses or children
              when you pick Range of numbers.

   07-Apr-99  Fixed a problem with the Word Search when searching
              for two things in a message line using AND.  A change
              in January 1999 caused a problem where sometimes it
              would indicate a match for both items when only the
              first was actually in a message line.  This version
              fixes that.

              Made a change in the routine to print a paragraph for
              each person on the List routines (custom reports.)
              If the Register report options are set to "show link
              back to starting person" then when you do the paragraph
              reports with List, it will show the parents of the
              main person for each paragraph (if they are known.)

              The gedcom import routine will normally add a space
              after a comma in a location field if there is not
              a space there.  This routine has been changed so it
              will not add the space if doing so would cause the
              location to be over 40 characters long.
   25-Mar-99  Made some changes to the UTILITY program.  It can now
              do a global search and replace for the Sources and 
              the Page numbers.  It can add a word like "Page" before
              what is in the page number field if the field to look
              for is blank and the field to change to contains something.
              Also the UTILITY program can fix the name field if names
              were entered last name first.
   18-Mar-99  Fixed a problem on the Edit screen where some people were
              getting a message "invalid property value" when they
              clicked on the Parents button for certain people.  This
              problem seemed to only be in the 16-Feb-99 version.

              Modified the Reasonableness check to recognize more
              unusual dates so there will be less listing of strange
              ages with dates that are not normal.
   16-Feb-99  Modified the descendant reports to print more children
              in rare cases where there were multiple marriages and over
              35 children total.

              Modified the Word Search routine so if you are searching
              for two words in the message 7 line area, it will still
              match even if the two words are in different lines.

              Modified the Reasonableness check to recognize dates
              with ? after the year and recognize dual dates.  So
              if you have a birth date of 1704? it will use "1704"
              as the birth year and not "704?".  It will also 
              look at "1704/05" and use "1704" instead of "4/05".

              On the Edit Family screen, if you are showing one child
              at a time, you can type a number on the keyboard to go
              to that child number.  Type the number 3 and it will
              show child 3.  This is similar to the DOS version of BK5.
              Type 1 to 9 to see child 1 to 9.  Type 0 for 10 and
              type shift+1 for child 11.  Shift plus 1 is the ! symbol
              on the keyboard.  Foreign keyboards may not work for 
              children 11 to 20, but if your keyboard has these 
              symbols above the numbers it will work. !@#$%^&*()
              You can still use the mouse and click the scroll bar
              to the right of the children as before.

              If the Quality check shows several errors, and if you
              want to write those error messages to a file, then 
              when you go to Quality check, press F5 before you
              press the Start button.

              When doing a Backup, you can press F8 to pick other
              drives.  Backup normally allows you to backup to
              A: B: or the last drive if it is removable.  Press F8
              to backup to any valid drive or directory.  Warning:
              be careful to not backup over some directory on your
              hard drive that contains a different data base.

              Restore has a new feature to also restore the text
              or picture files.  This will only work if you made
              the backup with version 5.2G.  The current backup
              routine creates a file on each backup diskette that
              lists the text or picture files on that diskette
              and the directory they came from.  The Restore routine
              will read that file and copy them back to their
              original directory.

   12-Jan-99  Modified in the Utility program the routine that adds a
              source where there is only a page number.  It will now
              do the same for marriages that have a page number without
              a source.  See below at 8-Jan-1999 for more information.
   11-Jan-99  Made some more changes to the Edit screen to try
              to make the children birth dates line up when you
              pick Show All children.  Some people were still
              reporting an alignment problem when some names
              were long.

              New language files and help files for Danish and German
   08-Jan-99  Made some more changes to the Edit screen to try
              to make the children birth dates line up when you
              pick Show All children.  Some people were still
              reporting an alignment problem when some names
              were long.

              Changed the List of Surnames report to allow up
              to 32,000 different surnames (it used to be 8000)

              Added to the Utility program a new routine to
              move page numbers to a source.  People that were
              using the old 4.5 version of BK may have used
              the "check field" in version 4.5 to hold a source
              for an event.  If so, that field gets moved to
              the Page field in 5.2.  The Utility program now
              has a routine to either add a source so that the
              page field has somewhere to attach, or else they
              can move the page field to line one of the source
              for that event.  This basically only affects people
              that converted from BK 4.5.  As always, you should
              have two good backup copies of your data before
              using the Utility program.  It is a separate download
              file called bkUsetup.EXE on the BK web site.
   07-Jan-99  The UTILITY program has a new feature.  It can
              add something to the REF fields for a range of
              people.  There are 6 different options.  It can
              move the BK code number to the REF field.  It
              can move any characters to the REF field. 
              It can do both at the same time.  Like if several
              people are submitting their data to a group
              database, they could put their initials and the
              BK code number into the REF field.  Then when someone
              is looking at the group database, it will show in
              the REF field something like JRS-123 which means
              JRS is the person that submitted the database and
              123 is the BK code number of that person in the
              database of the submitter.  There are also options
              to leave what is in the REF field and add some
              characters to the left or right, and an option 
              to blank out the REF field.
   16-Dec-98  Fixed a problem on the statistics Graph charts which
              only happened if the computer was in 1024 by 768 display
              mode and if the user had selected large fonts.

              Fixed a problem in the book reports where if you asked
              for the spouse to be bold, and if you asked for the
              spouse name to print on a new line before the spouse
              messages, sometimes it would not be bold.
   10-Dec-98  Fixed a problem that only happened if you picked the
              Ahnentafel Custom List, and picked a new Paragraph
              option, and then picked the option to send it to a file.
              It used to hang, but now it works correctly.

   09-Dec-98  Added option for margins to Collapsed ancestor chart.
              On the Book reports, if you are printing the spouse name
              in bold print, and if you are printing the spouse name
              before the spouse message lines, then the name will be bold
              there also.

              Version is called 5.2G starting on this date.

   01-Dec-98  Fixed two problems with the new paragraph field on the
              custom reports (see 20-Nov-98 below.)  If you picked
              alphabetical report and then made a file, it will now
              put the }} at the end of the RTF file so that your
              word processor can open the file.  Also, it no longer
              puts the register numbers before the children when doing
              a paragraph report from custom reports.  Also note that
              if you pick File, Create TXT file from custom reports
              it will make a TXT file if you are not doing paragraphs,
              but it will make an RTF file if you are doing paragraphs.

   20-Nov-98  Added new feature to print a paragraph of information
              on the Custom reports.  See fields 86-88.  The paragraph
              will contain the same information that was selected
              on the Register Book report (and saved with save options.)
              To print a paragraph for each person, pick field 86 or
              87 or 88 as the first and only field to print.

              Added new feature to pause printing after a certain number
              of pages.  Set this in File, Options, Field names.  It
              applies to almost all the printed reports.  A few users
              had printer errors after 85 pages or more, so if they set
              it to pause after 50 pages, it should solve that problem.

              Added new feature on Split database to select a branch
              of a family.  Pick a person and it will find all the 
              ancestors of that person, and all the descendants of
              all the ancestors.

              Made some changes to help the alignment of children
              on the Edit screen when showing all children (it was
              messed up for some people after I added the new feature
              to have + before married children.)

              Fixed problem when making RTF file of ancestor chart
              when using standard ancestor numbers but not starting
              with number 1.
   29-Oct-98  On the Family Edit screen, it will show a + before
              the child name if the child is married or has a partner.

              Fixed a problem in the 21-Oct feature for = to repeat
              a source.  If the user typed = then F10 it would give
              an error.  Now it does not give the error.  However
              it is still best to type = then press Enter before 
              pressing F10 or Save.  (see 21-Oct-98 for details)

              On the Ancestor chart RTF option, added "5 generation"
              to the menu item so people will know it does not make
              an RTF file for 4 or 6 or multi-page ancestor chart.

   21-Oct-98  Added new menu item under List for displaying an
              alphabetical list by first name.  (note to translators
              in the workfile, change line 225 to say "alphabetical
              display (last name)" and add line 252 which says
              "alphabetical display (first name)".

              Added new feature when adding sources.  When you click
              on the Save button for a source, the program will remember
              that source.  The next time you add a source for someone
              you can type = as the first character in the first line
              and it will duplicate the previous source.  If you type
              == as the first two characters in the first line, it
              will duplicate the previous source and the page number
              and the quality field.  There should be no other characters
              on any line if you are using the = or == feature.  Just
              type = or == and then press Enter and it will duplicate
              the previously saved source.

              When you type or modify a source for someone, if you 
              forget to click Cancel or Save it will give you a message
              and tell you to click on Cancel or Save.  Previously
              it was possible to type a new source and then click on
              a date or location field without clicking Save first.
              (Note to translators, the warning is currently only in
   06-Oct-98  Added option in the Ancestor chart to have it show
              the baptism date if the birth date is not known, 
              and the buried date if the death date is not known.
              Note to translators: You do not need a new translation
              program, just go to workfile line number 404 and 
              enter your translation for "show buried date if death
              date unknown".  Then this version will use that line
              on the ancestor chart options.  Line 2608 already has
              the abreviation "bur." that is used.  The line for
              "show baptism date if ..." is the same line that is
              used on the Box chart screen so it is already translated.

   30-Sep-98  Added option for RTF output for Ancestor chart.
              The RTF file contains a 5 generation ancestor chart.
              The font size is set to 10 point. (The 29-Sep-98 version 
              had a problem if you were printing no code numbers.)

              Fixed problem on Word search of "any field" for the
              marriage file.  It sometimes gave stat error 4 for
              deleted marriages.

   17-Sep-98  Fixed problem on Indented list where it allowed you
              to select over 17 generations.  That report currently
              prints only 17 generations.  Use a different Descendant
              report if you need more generations.
   31-Aug-98  Fixed a problem where only English showed on the menu
              when you picked List, Locations.

   24-Aug-98  Added the menu item "Index only" under File on Descendant
              Report and the Group sheets.  If you print a report
              and want to reprint just the index, pick that menu item.

              Added the option to print certain reports to a text file.
              Set up the report like normal and then pick File, Create
              TXT file.  This option was added to these reports:
                  Count of Descendants
                  Missing Information Report
                  List of Surnames
                  Alphabetical Display
                  Numerical Display
                  Ref Order Display
                  Unconnected People Display
                  Locations with Events
                  Reasonableness Check

              Fixed a problem when reading a Gedcom file from PAF 3.0
              It used to not read the NOTES and also messed up some
              links between parents and child.  This has been fixed.

   31-Jul-98  Made some more changes to fix problem on Edit screen
              when showing All children when names were long or
              names were in upper case.  (see 10-Jun-98 below.)

              Made a change to Tree report when printing in Landscape
              with continuous paper to fix problem of a space between
              pages on certain printers.

   10-Jul-98  Fixed a problem when on the relationship calculator
              screen and you pick the option to print box charts.
              If you had box charts set up to include pictures, sometimes
              the pictures were not centered in the box correctly.
              (It happened if you printed the regular relationship
              report before printing a box chart.)
   10-Jun-98  Fixed a problem on the Edit screen where in some cases
              the numbers of the children were not lined up correctly
              in a column when it was set to show all children. (If
              you still have that problem on your computer, give 
              examples of all the children names to John Steed and
              also specify what video mode you are in - like 640 by
              480 or 800 by 600 etc.)

              Fixed RTF output for Word Perfect 8.0.  If you pick the
              option for WP 7.0 it also works for 8.0 now.

              Added option for no page numbers on the index.  (When
              you are printing page numbers on a report, and then
              you print the index, there is an option to turn off
              the page numbers on the index when it is asking if
              you want 2 or 3 columns for the index.)

              Added alternate name of spouse on the book reports.
              When you check the box that says "show alternate name
              also" it used to show the alternate name only for
              the descendant.  Now it also does the alternate name
              of the spouse.

              Gedcom export will give correct error message if
              you run out of disk space.

              The install program now has the Finnish language and
              a new French (Belgium) language which can be installed.

   25-Mar-98  Fixed a problem where the page number at the top of the
              index was wrong if the footnotes were printed on the
              page before the index.

              Increased the Collapsed ancestor chart to 99 generations.
              It still prints a maximum of 2500 people currently.
   19-Mar-98  Added option to print the message lines on the Custom
              List routines.  (currently these new fields show up only
              in the English version.)  If you are printing several
              message lines, then be sure to add the New Line field
              after each line.

              Fixed problem with gedcom export when asking for ansel
              character set with long names.
   12-Mar-98  Fixed problem where Source window was sometimes
              displayed at the top and not the bottom.
   24-Feb-98  Added option to Split database to select a certain
              number of generations for ancestors or descendants.

              Increased the number of generations for the Register
              book report to 99

              Fixed a problem with gedcom import where an error
              occured if it found a 3 CONT line before a 2 SOUR
              line in an event.  

              Added an option in the Compute Relationship routine.  The
              way it usually works is that when you pick the compute
              button and then pick "find other relationships" it will
              not show you another way to find the "same" relationship.
              In other words, if you are a cousin to someone because
              you have the same grandFATHER, it will not show you
              a "different" relationship saying you are a cousin to
              that person because you have the same grandMOTHER.
              However, sometimes you may be a "third cousin" to someone
              in different ways (through different people in the line.)
              It used to not show you that since the relationship
              of "third cousin" is the same.  Now, however, there is
              an option where you can press F5 before you first click
              on the Compute button. (nothing changes on the screen.)  If
              you do that, then when you pick "find other relationships"
              it will show you other ways to get the same relationship
              and not just show you different relationships.  You
              can pick Preview to see the people in the line.  Then
              click "find other relationshps" again and then click
              Preview again and so on until you find the one you
              want.  Then click Print to print out that relationship.

              Note to translators:
              Changed the Register report to use line 1403 from the
              workfile.  So it uses "Next Generation" instead of
              combining two lines when not showing the generation

   02-Feb-98  Fixed a problem with RTF output of Indented report
              to Word Perfect with Henry numbers.

   01-Feb-98  It now will only underline one parent on the Edit
              screen if one parent is natural and one adoptive.

              Fixed problem if you had long labels (over 9 letters long)
              for "baptized" or "buried" when sending a group
              sheet to a text file.

              Gedcom import should pick correct character set now
              if gedcom file was created by BK Windows.

              Gedcom import will correctly pick up the divorce
              year from a gedcom file.  Before it read the year
              if the full date was listed, but did not get the
              year if only the year was available in the file.

              When displaying a picture of a person, you can now
              click outside the picture to close the screen (if the
              picture is smaller than full screen size.)

              If you start BK and have the BK program set at less
              than full screen, you can move the main screen of BK
              and all the other screens will open at the same
              location as the main screen.  (They used to open in
              the upper left corner of your display.)

              Fixed a problem where the pictures did not print correctly
              if you did a Relationship report and clicked Box chart
              and had the option set in Box chart for pictures.

              If you want to print a Group sheet and NOT print the
              information in the REF field, then in File, Options,
              change the name of the REF field to all blanks.
              Otherwise, Group sheets will show the REF field.

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