Brother's Keeper version 7.0

This page was last updated on 15-Dec-2014

Go to the bottom of this page to download the program.

Version 7.0 is available on CD. The cost for the CD for registered users who update to version 7.0 is $23 (if you want the new printed manual and the CD) or $18 (for the CD only.) Check the BK online store for details.

To read about changes in BK 7.0 see the Recent Changes page.

Translators click here for Word6set 1.41 dated 17-Aug-2014

How BK7 is different from BK6

Version 7 has a new file structure to allow for more fields and longer fields. All data that you entered into version 6 will transfer into BK 7.

BK7 has the same reports and features as BK 6.6 plus extra reports and features.

Here are some of the changes that are in version 7.

Longer fields

Some fields are longer.

Edit screen

Longer notes

More People


Version 7 does not use Btrieve for the database. Some users have had trouble with Btrieve or wbtrv32.dll and this version will work better for them.

Version 7 can convert your existing data from version 6

Version 7 prints reports in the same manner as 6.6 does currently.

New reports: Version 7 has two new reports. The Ancestor Origins report and the 10 Generation Ancestor Circle Summary chart.

10 Generation Ancestor Circle Summary Chart (click chart to enlarge)

To read about changes in BK 7.0 see the Recent Changes page.

Download Full 7.0 Program

version 7.0.38. - 15-Dec-2014

Download program BKSETUP7E.EXE (English only, 15 megs)

Download program BKSETUP7.EXE (plus all languages available, 40 megs)

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