Brother's Keeper

Trial Version or Full Version

You can download Brother's Keeper from this link.

The program will be the trial version until you purchase the full version and receive a registration number and password. If you are already a registered user, the same link for the download will be the full version for you.

The trial version of the program is not limited by time or the number of people in the database.

When you register the full version of Brother's Keeper, you will get a password that will turn on these extra features: The ability to create RTF Rich Text Format files for the book reports, the ability to print a six generation ancestor chart, and the ability to do a soundex search with the word search. (Soundex codes were used in U.S. census records.) Also the password will let you print one page from a long report from the Preview screen, and print pictures of the children (not just the parents) on the Group Sheets. Also you can pick Other, Picture summary and display or print a sample of all your pictures. You also have an option to print Odd or Even pages only on certain reports and exclude details about living people on some reports (which should be done before you publish on the Internet) You can also make HTML pages (web pages) from the Group sheet screen, Descendant Box Chart, and Ancestor chart. Also on the Edit screen you can Add custom events and custom facts. You can also run the new Utilities to Compare two databases, or search for a duplicate in your database. Also when you register you will get the printed manual, technical support from John Steed, and discounts on future updates. You can download future updates from the Internet or order updates on CD for a small fee.

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